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4inch gap between properties


I have planning permission for a single story rear extension on a semi detached house.

The plans show the left side wall right in the middle of the shared wall, 150mm into the neighbours wall & right next to a drain pipe which is in their garden.

I have been told that I have to put my wall 4 inches away from this point & not as is shown in the passed plans.

Are the plans incorrect & can someone please clarify this.


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Just because plans have passed a planning officer doesnt mean they are correct, dont make the mistake of going for it only to be told they made a mistake and you have to demolish, ok you could try to claim compensation unlikely chance

I know of a house that was built on boundry land, he asked a council A for permission they claimed the land was on council B area, he applied to council B got permission built his home THEN council A came back with a demolition order they had initially made a mistake, demolished it was, he took council A to court for compensation and won his case, they gave him building cost not the house FUNNY THINGS THESE LABOUR COUNCILS WHERE IM FROM


Answered 12th May 2015

The plans drawn normally are for guidance and illustration purposes only, they will not be exactly accurate. Even if your wall shows into the next doors property, you should always stay within you property line. You can sign up and party wall agreement with your neighbours and construct the wall right on the edge.
Its always advisable to consult and agree with your neighbours when you start the works and its a good idea to record this so you wont face any issues in later dates.


Answered 24th Sep 2018

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