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We have no fireplace in the house, but would like to ask if it would be possible to install a log burner and create a resess in the wall to put it in

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It depends on what your looking to achieve as your going to need an outside wall to build the recess and run the flue up, with this you have 2 options you can either have a stainless steel flue bolted to the wall in sections or a brick built flue,


Answered 6th Sep 2011

Yes it is possible . Firstly you would need to decide where you would ideally like your new log burner to go .
This type of installation would require the following -

1. A false chimney breast created . ( i can show you some pictures if that would help you). Within this false chimney breast you can hide the chimney system.
You can then create whatever you want on the exterior of chimney breast , alcove/recess and or fireplace surround .

2. A twin wall chimney system designed specifically for your stove, roof and house .

please contact me and i will answer your questions and send you some pictures .

Thanks - Glen


Answered 6th Sep 2011

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