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Ballpark figures wanted please

I am negotiating to buy a 3bedroom bungalow on the isle of sheppey, kent. It needs lots of work done. I would greatly appreciate some idea of the price i should expect to pay.
1 to rewire all electrics.
2 completly refit and tile a 12ftx12ft kitchen, using mid range price units
3 convert 6ftx7ft bathroom into wet room using midrange priced products.
4 convert existing bathroom, once 3rd bedrom into utility room.
5 replace 2 large windows with patio doors
Without more info i know its difficult to judge prices but any guestimates u can offer me would greatly help me prioritize what i can and what i can't afford!!! Thank you, Eula.

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An average rewire of a three bed property is around £2500


Answered 8th May 2015

Simply post these jobs on and many local trader will jump to provide free guestimates.

Simple and Easy :)



Answered 8th May 2015

A rewire cost as average is between £2000 - £3000


Answered 16th May 2015

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