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Red flags before buying a property - what do i need?

We are in a process of buying a first property (10yrs old flat). We were wondering if we need a report on the condition to find out whether it is fit for continued service, or if there are issues that should be addressed before we coclude the sales process? We believe it is called "Electrical Installation Condition Report". The main reason why we are doing this is to find out the red flags that the vendor should fix before compliting the purchase of the flat. Is this something we need, according to your experience, or anything else?

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An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) should be carried out regularly and at least once in every 10 years. Please bear in mind that their are limitations to the report, that the electrician carrying out the testing will explain to you. For example the visual inspection may only include an agreed percentage of all electrical sockets in the property. If you don't understand what is being said, ask for it to be explained again. The report is like an MoT on a car, in that it tells you of any failures or advisories, if any. This then gives you the information from which a quote from an electrician can be put together of the cost of the repairs required. You do not need an EICR to complete the sale, however I would recommend that you have one carried out for complete piece of mind. A lot of my work is repairs following a fire or flooding. One of the causes of electrical fires is loose terminations in the fuseboard, particularly on the main Neutral cable being loose in its terminal combined with the heavy current load. This leads to heat building up in the terminal and melting of the plastic holders, burning and worse. The electrician carrying out the EICR will have to take the cover off the fuseboard to perform many of the tests, as such they should check and test all the connections in it.


Answered 7th May 2015

Yes get an EICR done if any issues crop up at least these will be highlighted by the certificate also a good bargaining tool with the seller, if they want to sell to allow you to get it done. If no issues arise then you have peace of mind when you do buy. Get a competant Electrician to do it though. Good luck.


Answered 7th May 2015

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