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Can i claim compensation for incompetent electrical installation?

Had my flat referred three years ago. Original electrician did bad job. Fitted whole flat on one circuit and kept tripping out, seemingly from dishwasher. Second electrician has been great trying to solve problem, has fitted bigger fuse box, put dishwasher on separate circuit and given me 2 separate sockets for emergencies. Now dishwasher has tripped sockets out again and my electrician says can do no more without digging out the walls to see exactly what the original one did wrong. This has already cost me best part of £1000 Can I seek reimbursement for my original electriician? And can I make a complaint so others know not to use him?

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The only routes are civil claims procedures via small claims court, but as the 2nd electrician has already carried out works, the installation is not as it was when the 1st electrician left it (although I don't dispute that the 2nd guy has improved things for you, its just from a legal perspective things have changed and that dramatically reduces the likelihood of mounting a successful claim). In most cases the company will cease trading and you'll never recover a penny. That's why its vital to hire a competent Part P registered electrician from the outset. If they can't show you proof of their ID and don't offer you a free 6 year warranty on the work, then look for an electrician that can!


Answered 8th May 2015

Not now it's been tampered with


Answered 6th May 2015

Hi, firstly, without any certification, it would be near impossible to claim against. You could contact the IET, but again, I'd doubt they would be able to do anything. I believe that the only action you could take would be the small claims court.
I don't understand why you've had to pay your electrician another £1000 due to issues. Seems like he's ripping you off. Also, any decent sparky would not need to rip out the wall to find a solution. It might be an idea to tell your sparky to get his testing kibbutz.

Best of luck



Answered 6th May 2015

Silly question but has the dishwasher been tested a bad element will trip electrics randomly


Answered 7th May 2015

Hi, bit confused on the cost of the so called remedies from your new electrician. I can say with confidence that i could have told you within half an hour why your electrics were tripping and costed a remedy at a fraction of 1000 pounds. A good electrician that knows his way around his test instruments coupled with some basic fault finding knowledge should pinpoint why a circuit trips quite easily. Must agree with a prior response that your new electrician may have ripped you off a bit.


Answered 26th May 2015

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