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Leaning concrete post

I had a new fence put in around 2 years ago. The one concrete post has developed a gap between the post and concrete at the bottom and has started leaning over the neighbours garden. There is a 10 foot drop the side it is leaning, so, obviously, I don't want it to fall. What is the best way of fixing the post back straight? Is it something I could easily do myself?

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Land soils stone etc has a natural canver so I presume this is at the rear of the post the land falls away, take out post dig much deeper, put in longer post and if not possible to get longer posts, drive steel rebar into the hole that the post can be placed inside the affix with quick set post mix


Answered 6th May 2015

I would dig the old post out make the hole deeper and bigger in diameter put a longer post in over dig the depth and get some concrete under the post first before the post goes back in ,


Answered 14th Feb 2016

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