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Why isn't my heating working

We have just had our radiators taken off and cleaned out to remove black sludge, then the pipes were flushed through. We had two new radiators to replace two old ones (one swapped for a double) when the system was filled up with an inhibitor added only the upstairs radiators worked, the plumber returned the day after and balanced the system one radiator wouldn't warm up so he let some water out of it and it released an airlock. When he lest all the radiators were red hot. We turned the heating off last night. This morning we put it back on and only the two bathroom radiators got red hot the other upstairs ones got lukewarm and the kitchen one was warm, the living room, dining room and hallway stayed cold, the two radiators that were red hot have now also gone cold, the heating is still on and the thermostat turned to max, we have a boiler and a separate tank. What could the problem be?

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I have experienced this problem before. Inside every boiler/water heater is a water pump. In most cases this can be turned up and down. Maybe your new rads are bigger and require more water than before. I bet if you close some the rads upstairs the others would come on. Hope this helps


Answered 30th Apr 2015

The system should have been power flushed the pipe work could be still blocked or you could have an air lock.


Answered 11th May 2015

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