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Lintel next to rsj: safe?

Hi all

Am doing a single-storey kitchen extension in London: we're taking out part of the ground floor rear wall, to create an opening through to it. Opening will be just under 2m wide. RSJ to be put in above new opening.

The issue is what's to the right of the opening: an internal wall of 10cm thickness. I thought we can widen some of that wall by 5cm (with steel, bricks cut to size?) to create a wide enough pier for the RSJ/padstone to rest on.

However another, lower opening (former patio door!) is just to the right of our new opening: it has a lintel over it - see blue bar in the below link. I've consulted Building Control plus Structural engineer and not had a clear answer! Would the lintel be an issue?

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Hi, from what I can make out from your description and plan that lintel shouldn't be an issue providing its not disturbed. You appear to be at least 200-300mm above the lintel and can therefor install a pad stone into the substrate at the appropriate height without any effect lintel.
The pad stone may be sufficient without the need to add 50mm to the wall, as weight is shared at 45% and will be shared out over the lintel, and also down the adjacent wall (but I would just run that by building control to see it they agree)
In summary to you main question, there will be no issue with you installing an RSJ over the lintel.
I hope this helps


Answered 6th May 2015

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