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Electrical certification for garage


I have been advised by building regs that I need an electrical certificate for a newly constructed garage.

The new garage was built in the same location as some older garages which we demolished. These older garages were supplied by armoured cable running down the garden which we reused and hooked up to a brand new consumer unit.

I had my father in law, who is a plumber, install the new consumer unit and sockets and his friend who is an electrician came out to hook up the consumer unit to the older cable as a favour.

When the electrician went into the house to look at a few unrelated jobs he commented that the wiring in the house in some areas could do with bringing up to spec (house was built in 1860!)

Now the electrician's boss seems nervous at issuing a certificate because of the house - should I just ask another electrician to come out and inspect?

I am not sure how the part-P works but surely we have a new major circuit in the garage and this is what the certification should be for, not the entire house?

Any advice gratefully received.


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It certainly is but to issue a certificate the installation in regards to earthing, bonding etc should have been checked and also as its an outside job notified to building control. If your electrician is not part of a part p scheme I guess that's why neither has been done. You should really have asked a few questions in regard to your sparky BEFORE he just "hooked it in". Get an EICR done on your property this might satisfy BC. Ask them. But you will still need a cert for new work. Good luck.


Answered 28th Apr 2015

Oh dear plumbers fitting consumer units

The work is notifiable under part p and can only be registered by the person who did it who must be a member of a scheme such as NICEIC

In theory third party registration is possible but no one whose competent will do and even then they need to have overseen the whole instalation
Best thing is to rip it out and start again with somebody who competent
Ie a registered electrician


Answered 7th May 2015

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