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Amtico spacia or quickstep 950

We are in the process of getting the floor done for new build property.
we are wondering weather to go for Amtico Spacia or Quickstep 950 perspective ( the only options provided by builder). Any suggestions on hardwearing, warm for bedroom and noise impacts and any other pros and cons is really helpfull.
Many thanks in advance.

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Two entirely different products. Quickstep is a laminate and Spacia is an LVT (luxury vinyl tile).
LVT's are more practical, hard waring, warmer, quieter and (in my opinion) look better than laminate if fitted correctly.
You need to excercise caution when it comes to builders installing LVTs as it is a specialist trade and not as simple as laminate flooring. Also bear in mind, Amtico (who make Spacia) will not issue a warranty for their product if not installed by a qualified fitter with an NVQ in Resillient flooring (see their warranty conditions online) so be sure to insist on seeing the fitters qualification prior to work commencing.


Answered 6th May 2015

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