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Will offroad parking stipulation affect the final signoff with building control

I'm nearing completion of a side and rear extension to our property which includes a garage. The planning permission stipulates that we should have 3 off road parking spaces The space which we have at the moment is layed to tarmac and can hold two cars. The new garage can hold one more.

Planning stipulation states...the development shall not be occupied until 3 off-street parking spaces have been provided and made availble for use and the extended parking area (which is lawn) surfaced to a permeable material.

We decided not to have the front drive done and leave the front to lawn and leave the rest to it's orginal tarmac for the two cars so we can spend the rest of our money on decorating the new extension.

Will I find myself in a postion whereby the building inspector won't sign it off even though I can easiliy have three cars off the road and parked on my property?

Any advise gratefully recieved.

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3 off road parking spaces = 1 in Garage 2 on the drive that's what you have where is the problem. 3 is 3 and they are all off the road so chill


Answered 10th Sep 2011

you will have to go with what planning states off road parking comes under highways and they are usually strict
hope this helps
alf james


Answered 10th Sep 2011

a garage is off road parking but the vast majority of people do not use a garage as off road parking unless it is not attached to the property. i think you will find the council will not allow it as a 3 off road parking spaces as it is attached to the building and will in all probability never be used to hold a car, hence breaking the rules after planning was granted. speak to building control and be very very reasonable if any response. they may allow it or they may be firm and say no.


Answered 13th Sep 2011

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