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Tv aerial under carpet

I would like to run a TV aerial extension cable from one side of the room to the other in a discrete way, there is a fireplace in the middle and a brick pillar, would it be possible to put it under the carpet? If so what would I need? Any cable protectors or anything? I'm replacing the fireplace so would it be able to run under the hearth? Could it run underneath the skirting board? Do I need a special kind of extension cable?

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Hi, with regards to your question. You don't need any special cable, just standard coaxial which comes in white, black etc. If i have to run cables of any description across an area that is visible, i tend to use the new plastic skirting boards systems which are designed to house cables. It is and additional expense to consider, but makes the job much more professional and can also house any other unsightly cables and prevent any possibility of damage. As i don't know the area that you reside, i can't comment on a local supplier. If you type into google etc "plastic skirting cable management" you'll get the suppliers for your area. Hope this helps?
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David Hall


Answered 24th Apr 2015

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