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Extension and rsj question!


I'm after some help- I've had an offer accepted on a property and am researching the renovations I could do. Currently the dining room is knocked through to the front room. I am looking at closing this up and instead opening up between the kitchen and dining room (pretty sure it'll require an RSJ). Is there any issue knocking another wall out in the room? Will it damage the structural integrity of the building too much?

I am also looking at extending out the back so the outside wall that runs along one side of the current kitchen and dining room- would this be possible with the above or is that too much messing about that could cause building issues? I know this isn't going to be straight forward as also will involve building over a privately owed maintenance drain manhole!

Would would be best to get in? An architect? Structural engineer?

Any advice would be very much appreciated



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U have to consult first with a structural engineer


Answered 28th Dec 2017

Your local planning office will offer you advice but i'm sure you will be better getting a Structural engineer to oversee the project as it has had structural work done there before and it will need passing by a building inspector.


Answered 24th Apr 2015

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