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Splitting electric onto new building

Were building a bungalow on the same land as our existing house and need electric, however we can't dig our neighbours land which the cables run under to split for 2 seperate supplies, so we need to run the electric from our house to the new bungalow and with a seperate meter, is this allowed ?

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This would be ok as long as you don't intend selling the new unit as you can imagine if your incoming main came from your neighbour's house you may think that a little weird also you would have 2 houses running on 1 100 amp fuse so you may have demand issues if you both have electric hobs etc


Answered 23rd Apr 2015

I would personally contact uk power networks and see if there is no way they can install another supply as you may have billing issues with the electricity supplier as unless the meter is installed by them it will not be monitored / charged accordingly for the electricity used, I would think the likes of british gas eon etc would not install an additional meter on the primary source as the other electrician said the demand will cause issues also for the electrician issuing the certification for the works for the bungalow.


Answered 7th May 2017

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