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Light switch instead of pull cord

Hello I urgently need some advice.

I've had an electrician in my house as part of a new bathroom suite although instead of a light switch on the outside wall we've been left with another pull cord (which we don't want) the pull cord is almost above the wall where we would like to be although I understand that the wires need to be channelled in. Also extractor fan is in the ceiling but no filter to the outside so I'd imagine this will make our loft damp.

Any thoughts or comments would be greatfully received

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Pull cord switches are allowed in bathrooms suitably located. However, wall switches are NOT so you have the correct setup, if you want a switch it should be located on the outer wall as to prevent electric shock which can kill.
The ceiling fan is ok to go into loft space providing there is cross flow ventilation to keep the timbers dry. Some cowboy plastic facia companies completely seal the soffits which can easily create wood rot due to condensation from fans or migration through plasterboard ceilings


Answered 23rd Apr 2015

Get them to channel it down to where you want the switch, if all ready tiled do it on the other side of the wall, channeling takes a little bit longer and more work with decoration but is a lot tidier. You will need a flue to the outside of the property for your extractor through a tile on the roof which they sell to look the same as a tile or through the wall or you will get condensation and possible mould issues,


Answered 23rd Apr 2015

Might be prudent to get the sparky back and ask him the same questions?


Answered 22nd Apr 2015

I would replace the pull cord with a pir sensor and port the fan to the outside somehow


Answered 23rd Apr 2015

As one of the previous posts if you have a switch it must be outside the bathroom


Answered 7th May 2015

fans cannot be ducted into the loft space they must be ducted to outside or you will get problems in the future as for pull sw go into loft extend cable in a joint box and either put trunking or raggle down the wall outside bathroom door


Answered 3rd Oct 2020

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