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Scratches in amtico flooring

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We recently moved into our new home and had amtico flooring put in throughout. When our sofas were delivered the delivery guys really scratched up our floor terribly! We are trying to get them to take responsibility but they just want to remove the effected tiles and replace. But I am worried the wood pattern will be different due to it being a different batch, and that it will cause gaps etc? They want to just send a restoration guy but I am not convinced you can do that with amtico with really engraved scratches?

Please help!!

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the answer above is absolutly correct. Have the repair. its amazing what can be done. if you still not happy get them back to look at other options


Answered 27th May 2015

Hi sorry for your situation. I am a John Lewis specialist contractor and I get to address such issues on a daily basis.
You have two options. 1. Replace which can be done very successfully. If the tiles are over ordered one can cherry pick to find the correct grain pattern to match.
2. A specialist repair can be affected. Specialists like myself can make an invisible cosmetic repair.
Obviously replacement would outlast the repair but the repair route is slightly quicker and less upset.
Hope this helps.


Answered 25th Apr 2015

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