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Consumer unit install for home studio

I want to fit my own consumer unit to govern my home studio downstairs in the home. The nature of the build of the original house makes it an absolute mess and sometimes Impossiblity to break into existing circuits.
All I want to know please is a couple of things, mainly cable siZes
Now for the breakers inside my studio CU I've got 32amp for the socket ring , I've got 5 twin gang sockets going on that. I have. A 16 amp too if you think that's better maybe. I've got a 6 amp for the lighting, which will only be just one fitting with dimmer switch. I want an extra space spare for some future led display lights.
Cable sizes, I have 2.5mm for sockets and 1.00 mm for light.
Now what size shall i use for the cable that feeds the CU from my house board? And what size breaker shall I use on the board inside the house to carry this cable to the studio CU? I was thinking 40amp. I have some 6 mm twin and earth if that is any good. Thanks in advance for any answers I will be eternal grateful.
Laying around if that's any good

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Unless you understand the concept of electrical design,installation, etc etc etc you are just guessing. Best leave it and trust a competant registered electrician to do it for you. It's incredible to think you are even contemplating doing this yourself. Please get someone in to do this job before something dreadful happens. Safety first saving money second.


Answered 22nd Apr 2015

Spend years at college, then go back a few times, then get assessed every year for a day including algebraic equations and then you wouldn't have to ask anyone who's done that.


Answered 29th May 2015

Realistically, and I'm not being awkward or pedantic, but Assuming you know all the regs, by the time you have spent approx 600 on test equipment and another 200 to building control to get it signed off and correctly tested it would probably be cheaper to get an electrician in to do it


Answered 23rd Apr 2015

It's obvious from the questions you are not competent to carry out this work which will need to be notified to building control anyway call in an electrician


Answered 7th May 2015

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