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The water pressure in my house is very low. the h20 hydro power shower that i had fitted 5 years ago worked perfectly, but, is now on the blink. would any mixer shower be ok?

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Is your hot water mains pressure or gravity fed?


Answered 5th Sep 2011

you may have a blockage in a filter wich wil impede the performance.


Answered 5th Sep 2011

I have read some reviews for your shower unit and it seems there is a problem with the unit not switching off properly.
If this is the case it may be possible to repair it by descaling the unit, although it is not without risk and it may never work again. Your water heating system is probably gravity fed, (in other words you have a copper cylinder storing your hot water and a cold water cistern in the loft). You can fit either a shower pump to your system then most thermostatic shower mixers will work with that, or a pumped shower system. this can be a digital pumped shower or a power shower.
I hope this has been of some help.



Answered 15th Sep 2011

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