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No electrical certificate

We are in the process of selling our flat. We purchased in 2008 and in the survey it brought up we needed a new fuse box. Shortly after moving in a qualified electrician from my work came around and fitted the new box for us. We weren't aware what certification was needed or should have been provided and we have no records of the installation.

We are now selling the flat and in the questionnaire it mentions all these certificates we should have that we do not. We have already lost so much money on the sale of this property I'm now terrified we are about to lose some more! What do we need to do to sort this? Do we just need to get it inspected?


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With regards to getting a back dated Part P Certificate I doubt anyone would be able to sign it off now, local building control usually like to see it at first fix stage and when's it's finished, but they are the people that can tell you for definite just call your local council, however a full Electrical installation Condition Report will give peace of mind to anyone purchasing your home, it will also prove it's safe for continued use (providing no defects are found) And it shouldn't affect the price of your home.


Answered 15th Apr 2015

As said by Haze an EICR is what you need should cost around £150 make sure you use someone who is fully qualified and registered with one of the schemes such as NICEIC or Nappit


Answered 21st Apr 2015

I have had this a few times, check with building control,they normally will accept a eic. in this case or you can just take out a small indemnity insurance policy ask your solicitor, they normally only cost around £25 for this type of thing,


Answered 23rd Apr 2015

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