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Hob ignition not sparking

I have a Bosch built in gas hob. The ignition knob does not spark at all when pressed. I can light the burners using matches, but would like to get the hob working properly again. Is this a straightforward repair, or am I looking at buying a new hob please? I estimate it was installed in the 80's.

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It sounds like you have lost power to it. Have a look at a spur or socket under the work top by the cooker or at the back of the cooker.


Answered 14th Apr 2015

Is the hobb pluged into a socket or is it hardwired into the wall.
If it is plugged in then simply check the fuse in the plug.
if it is hard wired then go back to your fusebox and make sure nothing is tripped.
The only electrical part of the gas hobb is the ignitor mayby from cleaning the hobb you have shorted the wires causing the fuse to blow or trip


Answered 14th Apr 2015

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