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Power to summerhouse

I am looking to supply power to my summerhouse which i use as a home gym. I am aware of the building regs and as its not a permanent requirement was considering a extention lead. It will power a stereo, a low wattage light and in winter maybe a 2k convector heater. The lead may get wet if it rains while am in there. What cable would i be looking at. I have seen the prysmian armoured cable but unsure what thickness or amp fuse to use in the plug.

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I would recommend 40amp supply from the main consumer unit in the house via a 6mm 3 core steel wire armoured cable connected to a 2 way garage consumer unit which would normally supply a 6amp lighting circuit and a 32amp power circuit


Answered 17th Apr 2015

You will also need to consider earthing arrangements as generally speaking you can't export a suppliers earth to an outbuilding. So it would need to be TT'd probably, I.e earth spike, Zs measured preferably less than 200ohms etc etc. Refer to Guidance Note 8. This is an additional circuit, therefore is notifiable work, and requires an EIC.


Answered 21st Apr 2015

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