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Roof leak or re-pointing?

have an issue with what I think is the roof or the chimney causing damp. When it rains there is a damp patch on the ceiling and walls in both bedrooms adjacent to the chimney breasts. I've been in the loft a few times but can't see anything obvious. I think that it's either the flashing around the chimney or a problem with the ridege tiles, but can't be sure.

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You will have to get a roofer in to assess it, could be a number of things.
Flashings around stack, lead soakers, missing or loose mortar joints, porous brick work, cracked/broken tiles.

Is chimney in use, capped, vented.
The only sure way is to get up and inspect.
If you have a digital camera,zoom in take photo then zoom in again on your photo, close up images quite good.
But you will still need to get on roof.


Answered 1st Mar 2011

hi mancsbiker to be honest i think you have answered this your self its either lead work or a loose tile you wont see much from attick but if you get up on roof im sure all will become clear kind regards


Answered 1st Mar 2011

send a proffessional roofer upto check condition of stack haunching , pots , flashings , pointing


Answered 2nd Mar 2011

may just be a sliped tile or repointing the chimney stack or lead come away in places if you go for repointing have the ridges done at the same time and save your self money in the long run


Answered 3rd Mar 2011

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