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Asbestos toilet cisterns

I am currently purchasing a house which needs complete renovation. The survey has identified that both toilets in the house contain asbestos. Can anyone give me an idea of the cost for removal and how you can safely disposal of these?

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the removal of asbestos is quite specialist owing to health and safety regulations.your local council may be able to assist with finding a registered contractor or


Answered 21st Apr 2015

Toilet cisterns and seats contain chrysotile asbestos which is bonded within the resin. They present no health risk if they are in good condition, however they have to be disposed of the same as any other asbestos containing products. We collect asbestos from homes and businesses on a weekly basis throughout Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and North Wales. There cost is made up of a fixed collection fee, double bagging and the weight of the material.


Answered 11th Oct 2017

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