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Part p electrical certificate

Our contractor brought in his electrician to do a full rewire for 6 residential units. The electricIan brought in a colleague who inspected the electrics and signed them off and issued 6 certificates. We had the leaseholder, now withdrawn the offer of the lease , following a report from their electrical contractors who have deemed the electrics as in breach of health and safety regulation. What redress do we have?
We don't want to approach either the contractor or the Part P electrician concerned due to a dubious break in the property that took place after the electrician became argumentative when we insisted we wanted a receipt for the job. Building regulations have been approved but he only made a cursory look at the building and was more concerned about his car parked on double yellow lines!

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First thing to do is ring a proper registered electrician and find out what exactly is wrong
Go back to your contractor and get his insurance details and Clame
As the electrician was working for him also if you find that there is somthing dangerous with the electrics you have a obligation to the public to report both the part p electrician and the electrician who passed the job to which ever governing body they belong to
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Answered 10th Apr 2015

It all depends on what is wrong. I find sometimes when some else inspects someone elses work, they can quite often overdo the "Health and Safety". It should be a contravention of BS7671. Unless they have missed a fire alarm detector or something like that. Get the report and have another approved contractor look at it. Its unlikely to be anything major.
The best course of action is to go back to the original contractor.


Answered 12th Apr 2015

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