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I know this question has been asked previously but most responses seem to be 3/4 years old so I wanted a fresh opinion.
We've got planning permission (awaiting building regs) for a 2 storey extension in Somerset, the extension is about 28m2.
I'm looking for a rough price guide, we are in the process of getting quotes from builders and I know they will vary but we really want to know what should/shouldn't be included.
I've been working off a rough figure of £1500 per m2 for the build - electrics and plumbing. Whereas my other half is insistent that for £2000 per m2 we should have a finished article including kitchen/bathroom but - decorating (painted walls and carpets etc)
We really can't agree on who's right......if either of us! And are trusting quotes coming in which so far the first two have been out by £15k from one another!
TIA :-)

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Extension Builder

It depends on where you are.
Midlands £750-£850 shell only p/m2. £1200 - £1500 plastered finish p/m2
£2000 p/m2 finished article.
Estimated figures only of course!


Answered 10th Apr 2015

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