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How much to entend or replace old fuse box

We are installing electrical shower but there is no space in the existing fuse box for adding a main switch for it. how much it could cost to extend it or replace the existing 15 year old fuse box? Many thanks.

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There are a lot of variables so more information and a site visit would be needed really, but it could be anything form £30 to £300 depending on whats needed, how much space there is and if the existing fusebox is obsolete or if parts can be obtained for it?


Answered 9th Apr 2015

Hello deng_21.

To change a consumer unit (fuseboard) Does vary in price, it depends on the number of circuits and also the condition of them circuits based upon a pre works assessment test.

To extend into another consumer unit, normally using a 'garage box' type board would be around a cost of about £100 for installation and testing.

I hope this helps to answer your question.

Alex Bewley
AVB Electrical


Answered 9th Apr 2015

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