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2 switches for 1 fan - will these work?

Thank you to JBC Installations and Diamond Gas & Heating for answering my previous question, and with their help I now know that a 1 gang 2 way switch with a 10 amp fuse is what this will require. HOWEVER...I want to select the switches myself, so I'm wondering if these will work: Lutron Skylark model CTFSQ-FH-WH or the S2-LFSQH-WH both sold by Home Depot. If not, can you direct me to some that will work with this wiring configuration, for both fan and fan light? Many thanks!

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The Lutron System are very techinal. If you dont know how to set them up for programming and different operations dont touch them. Lutron systems normally connected to a central controller. Dimming, switching, operation Lutron can do all of it. But need to be carefull how it is set up.


Answered 17th Apr 2015

Yes, it can be done however the Lutron systems can be quite difficult to set up properly, my own experience of trying to work with one means i now stick within my areas of knowledge and find it better to refer any customers over to Lutron registered / approved installers, as they would be the best placed people to fully advise and assist you. They also have access to manufacturer technical information that is not available in the public domain. Hope that helps.


Answered 4th Jan 2018

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