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Best radiator brand (build quality and heating efficiency)

What's the best brand of central heating radiator in terms of build quality and heating efficiency? Research so far suggests SteelRad.

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The best Radiator on the Market
Low water content Radiator made by Quinn formerly know as Barlow radiators.
These radiators hold less water which means Quicker heat up times.
Thinner casings so heat transfer is much quicker.
The less volume of water in a System fitted with these radiators will mean savings all round as the Boiler has less work to do.
These radiators kick and cost less than Myson, Stelrad, Heatline , kudos, Delongi.
The Radiators will take on you underfloor when it come to COP
Co efficiency of proformance.
The other 3 answers are wrong.
Sign that in my name
AJ Gas & Water limited.


Answered 12th Apr 2015

Steered are fine radiators do just that they radiate heat the bigger they are and the heavier they are the more heat they soakup and so they radiate more heat out don't be mislead by manufacturers claims the important bit is to make sure they are the right size in the right place and in budget you can get sizing calculators on line simply enter the details of the rooms and house type and it will give the approximate BTU rating for the radiator required from which you can get your sizes I always go up one size and fit a trv to the radiator you can always turn the trv down if its too warm a.But if the radiator is too small your stuffed and cold . The total BTU rating of all radiators must not exceed the boiler output or the radiator just won't heat properly ideally the boiler should be capable of producing at least 20 percent more than the radiators need combi boilers are usually way above this.


Answered 8th Apr 2015


We always use Stelrad. They are a good quality British made. We never have any problems.


Answered 7th Apr 2015

That's a good one, also DeLonghi are quiet good.
when tyhey are new are all very good, (you can check how many years garantee they give you).
The radiators over the time tend to be corroded from the inside.
to prevent this add Hynibitor to the central system, anless you got a primatic cylinder. BE aware.


Answered 7th Apr 2015

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