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Plug socket behaving oddly

There is a standard double plug socket in my son's bedroom that has had a nightlight plugged in it for the past few months. The nightlight worked fine, and so did the plug socket (or so I thought).

I recently purchased a 1.5kw electric heater, which I have plugged into other sockets and works absolutely fine. However, when I plug it into either of these sockets in my son's room, it just won't switch on. Nothing.

I went back and put the nightlight back in to check that the socjets were definitely working and they are. And again, the appliance is not at fault. So I have absolutely no clue what is going wrong here.

The wiring is definitely a few decades old -- could this be indicative of a wider problem, or is there a quick and dirty fix that could be used? I ask because I am in the process of getting a smaller 600w heater to fit permanently in the room, only now I am concerned that it also won't work!

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hi, I would suggest trying a 3rd thing in the sockets that don't work, perhaps a table lamp. Could be a loose connection in that circuit, which may cause a lower voltage at the socket, which will mean that the night light will work but the heater won't.


Answered 12th Apr 2015

The night light probably works on induction current (on actual contact with power the heater most definitely is direct contact not use the socket get it replaced asap by a competent person preferably a electrician many fires have been caused by faulty sockets.Ps make sure the power is off before anyone touches it .


Answered 8th Apr 2015

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