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2 switches for 1 fan - what kind of switch is this?

We're having a house built. I want to explain something to my builder, but don't know the correct terminology. I want to be able to switch the ceiling fan and it's light off and on from two different entrances to the living room. What kind of switches would I buy? I'd like the ones that have the fan and light switch combination, similar to the Lutron Skylark model CTFSQ-FH-WH or the S2-LFSQH-WH both sold by Home Depot. Can you tell me what to call this kind of switch? Or better yet, can you tell me which ones to tell our builder to buy?

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1 gang 2way switch. 10amp I use


Answered 7th Apr 2015

As above tell the builder exactly what you want and he will understand perfectly if he doesn't he shouldn't be a builder


Answered 8th Apr 2015

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