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Size of current oven cable

I have recently upgraded my oven from a small built in oven to a freestanding 'stoves' oven. Apparently this could need up to 4.9kwh. I am finding it hard to work out if the current wire coming into the kitchen is big enough (6mm or likewise)... I can email close up pics of internal copper wire size .. I know I need to attach this wire to a 35amp oven switch first, but I need to know if this wire is good enough, or if we need to change the whole wire from the fuse box to the kitchen. Many Thanks, and hope you understand the problem.

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Most single ovens, like you previously had installed, would be wired via a 13amp plug top, either from a designated cooker supply or off of the ring main .

Your freestanding, built under oven, as you suggest is greater than 3 kW, thus requiring a direct mains connection.

The existing 6mm cable, from the consumer unit into the kitchen would be adequate in the majority of circumstances !
(Consideration should be given to both the way in which this supply cable is installed & also the type of protective device fitted).

You don't say what type of hob you have ?
If this is a gas hob, with simple electic ignition, then most likely you will be ok !

If it's and electric hob, or electric induction hob, the a proper cable sizing exercise will be required, to see whether or not the 6mm is adequate !

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Answered 6th Apr 2015

if its a 6mm coming in to your kitchen,this will be fine for your new cooker.


Answered 6th Apr 2015

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