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Kenwood ck 405 dual fuel cooker - mains plug?


I'm looking at buying one of these cookers and the instructions state that it runs off a mains plug. (Page 42/43)

Does this seem correct? could I use any free socket or would it have to be a special cooker circuit? We have a 60cm dual fuel cooker at the moment running off a plug to a cooker box in a cupboard but I assumed that these big cookers would need more juice.

Any advice appreciated.


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i would connect it into a cooker circuit and fuse it down to 13 amp


Answered 6th Apr 2015

Hi there

unable to see link but can only be a few possibility. depending on rating of cooker most do require to be on its own circuit and cable size is larger as a lot of ovens drawn a lot of power, where a normal plug socket cant handle the power being drawn.

ovens where you can simply use a plug top are normally low voltage or are mainly gas and electric is only used for ignition.

Ultermantly get a professional to look first

Ari - DirectElec ltd

Hope this helps


Answered 27th Feb 2017

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