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Has this bathroom refit taken too long?

Hi, we wanted to give our shower room a cheap facelift. List of works as follows. Has it taken too long or about right? It is probably around 6ft x 4ft in area.

Remove loo & sink, same to be refitted
Remove quadrant shower frame and tiles.
Shower fittings to remain as is.
Remove tiles fitted half height to all walls.
Remove radiator and cap off as no longer required.
Remove floor tiles and ply floor as uneven.

Reposition shower waste.
Level and fit new ply floor.
Build wall frame for new 'U' shape shower area.
Tile shower area approx 7sq mtrs with 50x50mm sheet ceramic tiles
Grout shower area
Tile floor with 300x300mm tiles and grout
Plasterboard walls
Plaster walls

So far it has taken around 10.5 days. Does this seem excessive? The shower area took 3 days to tile and grout which we were v surprised at........... not a big area.

We will paint it ourselves to claw a bit back but he says 2 more days to hang frameless glass shower door, fit skirting and refit loo & basin.

Many thanks

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Seems like a reasonable amount of time to me.

Good things come to those that wait.

Answered 4th Sep 2011

Pure Building and Plumbing

Member since 31 May 2010

hi this may depend if you are paying a day rate or for the complete job. but even so myself 4/5 tops reguards gb m. uk

Answered 4th Sep 2011

G.B Bathrooms U.K

Member since 27 Nov 2009

For the work described I would say that 2 weeks from start to finish is correct. Allowing for the fact that you have to let Plaster Dry and the Tiles Dry.

Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services

Answered 4th Sep 2011

Pipe Dreams Plumbing Services

Member since 9 Sep 2009

This seems like a realistic time for this, bathrooms can take up to 2 weeks, as long as the quality is good then this seems normal, quality takes a little longer rather than bodge it and go

Answered 4th Sep 2011

AC plumbing and heating

Member since 9 May 2009

in my opinion yes i hope you have a fixed price not day rate

Answered 4th Sep 2011


Member since 18 Feb 2009

it would appear that it has taken twice as long as it should. however, if there are complications it could have slowed progress down, at the end of the day if your fitter has completed the job to your satisfaction then does the time really matter. If hes working alone it will take much longer.

Answered 4th Sep 2011

Pro Finishing Services

Member since 12 Jan 2010

Hi, did you agree a price for job or day rate?

Answered 4th Sep 2011

AJ Plastering & Building Services

Member since 14 Jan 2010

Hello there.
I think it all depends on how you are paying for the job.
Is it on day rate or a priced job.
If it's a priced job and you are happy with the price then as long as you are happy with the quality of work and the lack of not having a bathroom does not inconvenience you to much then let them get on with it in there own time as I am sure you will get a better job with no problems at the end of it.
However if you are paying day rate. For example I charge £150 + VAT for day rate so if you are paying a similar amount by the end of the job £2250 will leaving your bank account but if the description of the job you have provided is correct I would be confident of completing the job in 8 working days to a very high standard of which you can view at at a cost of £1440 plus materials.
But if you are paying Him £100 a day and he's doing you a spot on job then your about right.
So it's all down how much you are paying to wether is taking to long.
And also the tradesman in question if he's a top quality guy with a long record of high quality jobs and satisfied customers then he can charge a premium for his jobs as he will have worked hard to get to that stage.
Hope this helps

Answered 4th Sep 2011

Ch kitchens bedrooms bathroom

Member since 4 Jun 2011

a 7sqm shower should take a day to tile even with mosaics, and then a couple of hours to grout the following day
half a day to tile the floor

Answered 6th Sep 2011

sam brookes

Member since 6 Sep 2011

Like you said , you wanted a cheap facelift. so i guess you went for the cheapest price and should expect a less than fast speedy result from proberbly an unskilled tradesman or a have a go handyman. You should expect between 5-7 days to completion depending on your desired end result from an experienced fitter and a lot longer and more mistakes from someone less experienced. You get what you pay for

Answered 9th Sep 2011

db advanced finishes

Member since 27 Sep 2010

The time scale will or at least should reflect quality of works carried out and the end result, the worst thing you can do is to try and rush a tradesman, he wants to carry out a job to the best of his abilities and you want the best bathroom in town. Arrange a start and completion date before works begin so that both parties are aware of the time scale and schedule of works.

Nu Property Services (Surrey)

Answered 15th Nov 2012

Nu Property Services

Member since 3 Aug 2012

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