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Extending our kitchen

Hi there,

We're looking to extend our kitchen slightly but I'm wondering if it's worth it. I was thinking around 2m out then 4m across, I know it's a small extension but we would like a new kitchen too. I don't really want to lose to much garden space but making the kitchen slightly bigger would be great. Any thoughts ?

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Only you can decide if "it's worth it "
Here in Glasgow when I apply for a building warrant I use the cost of £1000 / m2 So in your case the shell would be about £8000
Hope this helps


Answered 7th Apr 2015

Depending on your circumstances are you wanting to know if the space will be worth it or financially?
An extension of that size to a kitchen will create a great space and will be quite significant and noticeable.
Financially, I agree that it will be £6-9k to carry out depending on the standard of kitchen chosen.
I'm not sure on the size of the existing kitchen and the garden, however I'm sure a balance could be made between the two to provide sufficient space.



Answered 3rd Jun 2015

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