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Orangery or extension?

We are looking to extend our house with an extra room on the rear for dinning and kids, around 3x4m.
We have looked at orangeries and been quoted around £15k with a tiled roof.
What are the big differences between an orangery and extension?
We are really unsure which one to go for...
Thanks in advance

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An extension is built on to the property and has direct access through from the main area. Tiled roof and limited area of glazing
An orangery is really a conservatory attached to property but has a thermal break eg double glazed doors. This allows there to be more glazing in the walls and also a glazed roof. Insulation is still required in floors and walls and glazing must have reqd u value
I have submitted applications for both here in Scotland
Hope this helps


Answered 5th Apr 2015

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