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Installation/location of new boiler and quote opinion (please!)


I have been quoted almost 6.5k by Scottish Gas for a boiler installation. I understand I can obtain an average for boiler installation from the guides; however I maintain my case is slightly more complicated - so bear with me!

My family currently live in a 4 bedroom detached 1996 built Wimpey home in East Kilbride where the current (original) boiler is situated in a kitchen cupboard (surrounded by internal walls & with lengthy internal flue). The 20 year old boiler we have is the infamous IMI Powermax 135 which although is fairly efficient for its age is now playing up more frequently.

While it's not impossible to use the same flat/horizontal flue line as before, Scottish Gas insist that the best future boiler installation is to move it up to the upper floor of the house (upstairs airing cupboard where mains water etc is currently accessible) and 'flue out' through the roof. This would provide us with more space where the current boiler is - although the hot water would come from a Gledhill 180ltr unvented stainless steel cylinder in the kitchen cupboard.

Four things to remember -

1) We like powerful showers and the Powermax gives us approx 20 ltrs/min of HW & two teenage daughters in the future (will need 2 showers at once)!
2) The cupboard upstairs is not deep enough (and couldn't be easily made deep enough) for e.g. Worcester Highflow
3) By not using the flue downstairs it would allow an easier process (a future option) for us to knock-through an internal unsupported wall from the kitchen to the livingroom as the flue lies at and can't be increased above the visible height of the ceiling (approx 7.5ft). Our kitchen is not big compared with the rest of the house so mounting boilers elsewhere will impact on usable cupboard storage space.
4) The boiler (or HW tank for that matter) could not be placed in the roof at all easily because there is no access to gable ends to attach heavy things onto

I can understand why their intended setup would work - as it answers a yes to the above questions - but it's mighty expensive. The quote contains everything from Worcester 24Ri boiler, the HW cylinder, vertical flue, scaffolding for roof access, pipe work, HIVE installation and 1 new electric point. Is this quote reasonable?

When I asked if it would be much less to go with the existing installation place (kitchen cupboard) - install a new and visible flue in approx the same place, Highflow boiler he thought the quote would be in the region of 4.5k. Again does this seem reasonable?

Obviously installing a new boiler in the original place would provide us with enough HW flow if the right boiler was sourced (Highflow or Baxi Ecoblue Advance) but it leaves us with an ugly flue to look at and makes it much trickier to extend the kitchen area.

I understand the q**te is just a single one so far but I intend on getting some more.

Really sorry for the long 'question'

Thanks in advance

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Makes sense what SG are saying, I would get a local quote for the same works and would bet it comes in circa 2/3rds SG price. Why not go onto the Worcester find an installer site, if you had a Worcester boiler, filter and cylinder installed by a Worcester accredited installer, you would also get 10 years free parts and labour cover through Worcester


Answered 5th Apr 2015

Hi D,
Firstly the job seems to have been well thought out and specified well '

No, Re the costs, £6.5 K, is below what Southern Gas would charge down south !

Notwithstanding that, I have carried out three very similar jobs like yours within the past twelve months, and nine of them have exceeded £ 5'000 !

(Some were higher specs than yours)!

One thing that I would consider is using a 30 or 32 combination boiler in place of the RI.

My lodgic is that, one shower could be ran straight from the boiler,, then the heating output split with zone valves to control the heating & new unvented cylinder !

Reason being, that you have only room it seems for a 180 litre cylinder, whilst ideally with lots of people & multiple bathrooms, a 300 litre unit would be better !

If you were to incorporate a standard combination boiler within the set up, at least you would have constant hot water to one shower, ( albeit you would not achieve 20ltrs per minute),
Anyhow, something to think of.
Also our systems included, either the Nest of Salus IT500, internet controllers !

On a serious note, if you were interested, I would be prepared to travel to you to complete this installation,
Adrian Hagger,
Southsea plumbing.


Answered 5th Apr 2015

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