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Have my new windows been fitted properly

I got new windows fitted 4 months ago, I'm experiencing a few problems. Firstly I have excessive condensation on my front bedroom window and realise this is due to ventilation, however I am reluctant to fit vents as the wind and rain batter the front of my house, however the workmen mentioned sealing large gaps on the outside this has just been done months later with silicone. Is this right? I can also feel a draught below the window above the sill. The finish internally is poor all my window sills move and the Pvc surrounds are squint, they blamed my uneven council walls. One particular night I thought the window in the living room moved due to a moving reflection in the kitchen window. I also experienced a collection of water on my living room window sill( below the front bedroom) the living room window and surrounds were bone dry!? also one day when driving towards my house the rough casting below the front bedroom appeared to have vertical darker runs. Any advice?

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From what you are saying- your windows were most definitely installed incorrectly. It is difficult to say for sure without examining the windows closer, but it looks like you got yourself a big headache. There are a lot of fixable things which should not have happened in a first place, for instance: the windows most probably were surveyed incorrectly, hence the gap between window frame and the wall; the fixings used wasn't placed properly, as there shouldn't be any movements once installation is completed; the gap between sill an the window frame wasn't sealed properly, or probably wasn't sealed at all. I really sympathize with you. My best advise would be- get so called "windows fitter" back and ask him to finish his work properly or better yet, ask for the refund! Hope this answers your question...

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Answered 3rd Apr 2015

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