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How can i get my electrics signed off?

We recently built an extension and my step-dad (who has 40 years experience) installed the electrics, but he is now retired. We only found out we need to to get this signed off recently and the building is pretty much finished. We now cannot get anyone to agree to sign off the work and am worried we will have to strip back everything to reveal the electrics to get this signed off. Any advice please? Thanks

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You will have to employ a Reg Electrician inspect and check everything right back to the main fuse board.
The test will take between 1 and 2 hour depending on how big the property is how many points and what is classed as new points and excising points.

The cost should be between 150.00 and 180.00 + Vat depending on where you are for this test.

Hope this helps
George Kalavashoti
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Answered 5th Apr 2015

Your electrics can be inspected by the local authority and signed off if they comply with building regs retrospectively.


Answered 5th Apr 2015

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