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Pullcord extractor fan

Replacing old fan with like for like. New fan has black and orange wires coming from connector block, black from permanent live and orange from neutral. So does my brown wire go into the block marked permanent live lining up with the black, and my blue into the neutral lining up with the orange wire?
My feed comes through a 3amp fused spur.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Didn't the unit come with any instructions?

I'm sorry to say that if you are in need of help for the most basic of installations, then you may well not be competent enough to undertake the work.
Please find a registered electrician local to you to complete the work.


Answered 8th Apr 2015

Hi just check if the new extractor fan is a normal or it has a run on timer after the pull cord switched off position, sometimes marked l for live and sw for switched or l1 or symbol depending on manufactor. If unsure post picture of fan and wiring or recommend further assistance from an electrician.


Answered 24th Jan 2017

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