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Not using all the sockets in a ceiling light?

I have moved into a house that has ceiling lights in every room that each take 4 bulbs. In an effort to reduce electricity usage (and also make the rooms less bright!) my thought is to take a bulb (or two) out of each ceiling light. Would this cause an problem? They are GU10 240v 50w bulbs.

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Hi, it wont cause any problems. I would suggest you buy GU10 4 watt/5 watt LED lamps as this will lower your energy bills and it gives off a better light.


Answered 31st Mar 2015

Leaving bulbs out will cause no problems but will not look attractive, so try instead to buy lower wattage bulbs or have dimmer switches fitted.


Answered 31st Mar 2015

Hi, you can take lights out but it wont look very nice. You could change lamps for lower voltage which will reduce cost and not be so bright or fit a dimmer switch.


Answered 31st Mar 2015

Or you can replace the 50W GU10 lamps for 5W LED lamps with the equivalent light as the 50W lamps. Which will save your power usage so each light would be using 20 Watts instead of 200 Watts


Answered 31st Mar 2015

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