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Replacing halogen downlight bulbs with led bulbs - issues with flickering

I need some advice on replacing my kitchen halogen downlights (50W) with LED bulbs. Currently, after replacing the bulbs with new LED bulbs, I end up with 2 bulbs out of 4 flickering. I've googled the problem and it seems as though the issue is with the transformer. Is it a big job to replace the transformers with LED compatible ones, or are there other options out there.


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As the other contributors rightly point out the wattage of a GU10 led bulb is much lower than a conventional filament bulb (that's why everyones adopting them,.... however; many old dimmers cant cope with such a low load and flickering occurs or, the leds will not dim right down to zero. My solution is to try changing the dimmer for a modern type such as the Aurora brand. These have a small adjustment screw on the module which allows you to adjust the dimming level right down to zero -Result!
1 happy customer and lower lighting bills :-)


Answered 8th Feb 2016

Low voltage lighting transformers have a minimum loading as well as a maximum. Often this is around 20w as this is the lowest wattage mr16 halogen lamp you can get.
With your new LED lamps being around 5w this is below the threshold causing the problems you are encountering.
Normally each light will have its own transformer and you can get led compatible ones for around £5 each.
This is not a big job both could be replaced in under an hour.


Answered 31st Mar 2015

Hi Its not a big job for an electrician to replace your existing transformers with LED ones (drivers) however a better option for the long term may be to remove the transformers and install mains voltage LED GU10 lamps most often this would only require replacing the lampholders as the lamps are the same physical size at the low voltage MR16 ones you have already, on a side note I would recommend using only brand named LED lamps as there are some poor quality unbranded versions that just don't last.


Answered 5th Apr 2015

In short I'd recommend you ditch the transformers and go back to 240 volt. LEDs are much happier not running through transformers, this also avoids possibly having to use drivers which rather defeats the object of the exercise. Compatability of the dimmer to the LED wattage will sort the problem.


Answered 3rd Dec 2017

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