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Worker needed to complete unfinished work

I accepted a quote from a heating engineer for boiler replacement and associated work. He worked a day and I paid him a £300 deposit as agreed. Since then he has been ill. I do believe he is genuinely unwell.
However we have now been without heat or hot water for four days. Furthermore he has a holiday coming up and is not likely to be able to finish his work for us nor offer an alternative solution (such as a trusted colleague) to complete the work he began. If he is to complete it himself we will need to wait a further ten days or so.
My question is; would another heating engineer be willing to take over from someone else's work and if so how soon could they begin. Our person already has the replacement boiler in his possession. I would hope that he would be willing to discuss the situation with someone taking over the job from him.

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Heating Engineer

even he has the replacement boiler on his possessions, you have the right to change your mind and get back your money, the boiler can be returned to supplier as long as the box is not opened .this is really funny . yes he is ill but you would be as well ill without heating , or get your deposit back and deal with supplier yourself .


Answered 31st Mar 2015

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