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How to post a job for: flooring, painting, tiling and maybe change of bathrooms suite?

Hi all,

I am new to and I am not sure how to post my job(s).
I am in the process of finalising a purchase of a 2 bedroom flat in London (75 sqm). The place was a buy-to-let for the past few years.

I'd like to paint the walls and ceiling in all rooms (after removing existing paint), change the carpet in bedrooms+lounge+corridor to wooden floor (engineered), put tiles on the walls in one or two of the bathrooms and, if I can still afford it, change the bathroom suites

Should I split this job in different jobs on the or just one for the entire work. Also, would it be cheaper overall if I provide the materials (paint, wooden floor, tiles, etc.)

What important information I should not forget to include in my job post?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

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Post the job under restoration & refurbishment and basically write what you have here.You can explain in more detail when you meet prospective contractors for a viewing. It wouldnt necessarily be cheaper to supply materials. It depends on what sort of finish you want. Your contractor would supply better quality materials such as paint and will also offer a materials discount if reputable.

Answered 2nd Sep 2011

HGS Property Maintenance

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Hi Henri-48 ,

how you post your job will depend on how much work you want to do , posting each of your jobs will leave you with having to deal with a number of tradesmen for each of your jobs , and then sorting the schedule out in order of work . ( this may save you some money as a contractor is there to remove this preasure and it is his job to ensure trades are there when they should be - and he will have a good idea of how this should be done properly) for this you will for sure pay more. i would however advise to ask the contractor if he is doing all the work himself or using subs, as one man and a monkey would probably not do a good a job as someone who does a certain trade day in day out .

re how to post your job , id say take measurements to give tiler and painter an idea if they would be interested in work - be honest about what you want ,and if you want materials supplied (would suggest meeting with atleast three trdesmen at the job before deciding which one to use). what you have put in your description above is fine for advertising to a contractor/builder as anyone taking on a project like this will want to come and have a look before quoting .

Hope this helps


Answered 2nd Sep 2011


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It would probably be cheaper to get individual trades, rather than paying a company/builder(that's what they do) and you'd probably get a better job than someone that does a bit of everything. No one is good at everything...even if they might think they are. Most trades can get materials cheaper than you could, just because they get better discounts because they buy more... but it's usually offset with the cost of their time involved arranging/collecting it etc.

I would list jobs individually, and pick an average quote on each ...don't be tempted by the lowest, because you'll either get a crappy job or they will add on extra's when the money starts to run out or vanish.

You could also list it as a complete job, so can compare. Individual parts is usually cheaper though.
List area sizes, and use photo's...but Most decent trades won't quote with-out viewing first...unless it's extremely simple job.

Hope this helps

Answered 2nd Sep 2011

Rebel Carpenter

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