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Smell coming from plug holes

There is an almost constant smell coming from our kitchen plug hole. I've tried sink freshener but it only fixes the problem temporarily. Any ideas?

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Initially I would go to the outside drain that the kitchen connects to, to make sure that the smell wasn't coming from there. For good measure, clean this drain and make sure that there is a sufficient water trap in the drain.
Secondly, I would take the trap off the kitchen sink and thouroughly clean this, do not clean in the kitchen sink, because you'll end up with water everywhere. After re-fitting run the kitchen tap for a while and then make sure that you have a sufficient water trap.
Finally I would fit a HepvO Valve, this is a valve with an internal membrane that allows water to flow one way while stopping smells coming from the opposite direction.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

There may be another reason for the smell if you have a washing machine hose connected to the trap at some point you may be getting what we call Induced Siphonage of your trap seal which can account for sewer smells getting back into the property. A way of dealing with this would be to resite the washing machine hose into its own outlet if possible and install an Anti Siphonic trap(Barvac) which will resist the siphonic action. The recommendations in the previous replies are also very valid so please make sure before you go to the expence of hiring somebody you have made sure your pipes are cleaned out of the years of grease and grime that builds up.


Answered 17th Feb 2011

One of the main reason for drain smells coming up through plug holes is the loss of the water seal in the trap.The ideal depth of water seal on a kitchen sink trap is 75 mm.I would check the drain/gully outside first to make sure it`s clear,also make sure the pipe going into the drain terminates just below the grate and not below water level.Take the trap apart and give it a good clean.If the smell persists then you could fit a Hepvo valve.This is a re-sealing valve that should eliminate the problem.


Answered 17th Feb 2011


1STLY ,take your kitchen trap apart and give it a real clean out .
2NDLY, check your main drain and give it a good clean around the sides.
3rdly, get a plumber to look inside youre waste pipes running away from your kitchen sink,this is a white waste pipe measuring in diameter inch/ half,the chances are the wastepipes are cloged up with grease and grime built up over the years and may need re newing .


Answered 17th Feb 2011

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