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Re wire/fuse board

I recently had some work done in my house and was advised to have a new fuse board as mine is old type. Not really sure what that means. How much would a new fuse board cost and would i need a rewire doing. I have lived in my property for 26 years. Any advice about cost etc would be greatly appreciated. I live in Maghull, Merseyside.

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A New Master Control Board (MCB) is definitely a good idea as it has enhanced safety features incorporating trip switches and RCBs (Residual Circuit Breakers).
The MCB is well priced around £40-70 and comes complete with most of the circuit breakers you'll need.
A rewire would only be necessary if the electrician finds undercapacity cabling to things like power showers, immersion heaters and other heavy current demanding appliances* if they have been installed at later dates before specific regs came in. (- Lighting circuits are specific to low current demand and should have no other appliances wired into their circuits.)
*These could cause the specific circuit breakers to trip if the wiring is overloaded, unlike your old fuse box which would only "blow" if there was a short circuit (and the recipient of the shock receiving more than a tingled zap!)
The new MCB is the best option to isolate current leakage (with the RCBs) and minimise deadly electric shock, as well as fires from overloaded wiring.

Always employ a registered electrician for this job, minimum coding for domestic electrical work.
They will quote you on price and provide advise on what they find.

Good luck, I hope this helps.


Answered 30th Mar 2015

The reason most people Reccomend a new fuseboard is to bring the installation up to latest regulations

Basically a new fuseboard has RCD protection which makes the system safer However this does not mean that your existing board is unsafe or illegal as is often claimed by the Cowboys out there

If you have any alterations to you existing wiring then it must be done to current regulations which means any circuits alter erred must have RCD protection and usually the best way to do this is by changing the consumer unit
All this work must be done by a qualified electrician who is registered to part p ie is the member of a relevant scheme such as niceic
As far as cost is concerned don't know about mersyside but around here yr looking at about £350

Hope that helps


Answered 30th Mar 2015

Good evening in you go on the the electrical safety council website they will give you a better explaination then I can give you.
what works did you have done?
It is all down to the state of the electrical work I would get a conditional report done it will cost between £80 and £140 but will high light what needs doing.
again the cost of the new fuse board depends on a few factors as the tails and earthing may need upgrading.
if you are going to get this work done you will need a qualified electrician and you will receive a part p electrical certificate at the end of the installation.


Answered 30th Mar 2015

even before a new consumer unit is installed checks would need to be made on every circuit on your house to fulfill the required parameters of modern day consumer units and also your earthing arrangements would need to be bought up to todays standards. this will then make it clear if any or all of your circuits require new cabling.


Answered 30th Mar 2015

The first answer refers to MCB as Master Control Board. I thought MCB was Miniture Circuit Breaker?Consumer Unit or distribution board contains MCB's for overload protection and the RCD's for earth leakage protection. Unless RCBO's are used which is a combination of both. Just saying.


Answered 24th Apr 2015

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