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Back boiler and immersion heaters

We have had a back boiler in our house for nearly 25 years and it has worked well. Recently our immersion heater packed up and has been renewed. Unfortunately the new one seems to have a safety trip mechanism which turns off the immersion because the back boiler has heated up the water to a high level of heat. We then have to call out the electrician to trip the immersion back on and this is inconvenient and expensive as the house is three miles up a valley and remote.
I have been advised that the only solution is to remove the back boiler! is this correct?
Thank you

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It sounds like an old boiler that has no controls on it to regulate the tank temp.
The options are:
I'd recommend finding a heating engineer to advise you, as you may need to fit mixing valve on outlet of tank to stop scalding water.
Contact the boiler manufacturer to see if there is an upgrade to fit controls.
See if there is another type of thermostat that you can reset yourselves.


Answered 22nd Aug 2017

It sounds as though you don't have a thermostat on your cylinder to control the throughput of hot water from the boiler. If it's possible to fit one to your boiler controls, then this would be your best solution. If your boiler controls/programmer have a switch allowing you to select Hot water / central heating / both, then you should already have the pump(s) and/or valves that you need for the new thermostat to control.


Answered 30th Mar 2015

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