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Problems with a cable

I was wondering if someone could help this is a bit of a weird one.
I have a cable than runs through one side of a chimney breast in the living room and underneath the hearth to four sockets in my living room. The only reason I know this is because the fireplace was empty when I moved in and I had a log burner installed and a the hearth taken up and replaced about 6 months ago. The cable is protected by heat boarding and obviously the hearth. This evening I was watching tv and the tv/sky box kept losing power and every time it happened I'd hear a banging sound from under the hearth (fire hasn't been on for over a week now so don't think heat was contributing to it). I've now plugged the tv etc into other sockets not serviced by that cable and all is ok so not a problem with the equipment. My worst nightmare is having to get the fireplace ripped out to fix it so my question is, if I get an electrician over, can he effectively kill the cable in the fireplace currently servicing the sockets and feed a new one in from somewhere else? Appreciate he would probably be a need to channel into the walls to do this but I'd prefer that to ripping the fire out/ripping up my new floors and then potentially having to do it all over again if the same thing happens in future.
Any advice greatly appreciated!


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Hi Missmuggle,
An electrician should have no problem isolating the cable at the back of another socket, it sounds as though the weight of the wood burner has damaged the insulation, the bang was a short from live to earth, did the breaker trip off?...if it didn't you have something else to look into. it should be no problem to chase into the walls to re-route the cable.


Answered 26th Mar 2015

This is a tricky one to solve without causing a mess.
Yes, you can run a new cable from one place to the other, however, you will need to go down into the floor then back up again, or up into the ceiling and back down again...!
Either way it's not ideal, it just depends which you'd rather have to repair afterwards...


Answered 26th Mar 2015

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