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Which floor adhesive to use

I have to fit 20mm thick x 240mm wide &2200mm long engineered unfinished oak flooring . So many adhesives , must get it right .which is the best one to use ?

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We use a variety of adhesives, Sika T52 is an excellent adhesive but costly, elkabond is a much more reasonably priced product which we regularly use with no issues, however the key thing to remember is to test the floor for moisture and we always use a liquid dpm, it's an insurance policy, too many floors fail without it, we use them on all screeds regardless, it also helps to key the floor and solves the problem of dusty screed that won't bond properly.

Also unless it's over underfloor heating we always use a liquid batten rather than a trowel adhesive as it helps with slightly uneven floors, it doesn't skin as quickly and it's cleaner and quicker in our opinion.

I'm sure others will have a difference of opinion but we have fitted 1000's of metres with no issues.


Answered 30th Mar 2015

We use one of adhesives, one and only Sika T52


Answered 30th Jan 2018

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