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What advantages or disadvantages in installing an over sized boiler. As the incoming mains water pressure is fixed, I presume the hot water taps output flow is the same whether the boiler size is sufficient or over size, is my logic correct or not?

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Dear as_above_261,

Your logic is absolutelly correct. The flow of the hot water depends entirely by the pipe works, and specially the soft link that is coming out from the boiler. The shere size of the boiler has nothing to do with the output flow. I hope that was helpful.

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Answered 25th Mar 2015

Water flow is increased through the plate heat exchanger of a larger boiler in general. Therefore less pressure loss when multiple taps open - i.e. - running bath at the same time as running kitchen sink.
Each boiler shows the maximum hot water flow available through the boiler in the manufacturers literature.
This usually means larger boiler - greater hot water flow.


Answered 25th Mar 2015

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