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Building reg sign-off for electrics


I had a dispute with my builder over items on Snag last and builder walked off site with his mate electrician in tow.

I now have a completed extension with all electrics but no part P sign-off. Can someone please advise what I need to do in order to get the correct sign-off from building control?


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Hi you have 3 options

1 Find an electrician who is willing to sign of the instalation ( not many about who will certify others work I certainly would not.

2 talk to local building control and explain the situation and ask if they will accept an EICR. (Electrical instalation and condition report) This will verify that the instalation is up to latest regs but does have limitations as not all the wiring is accessible

3 ask local building control to certify (expensive)

None are ideal but no 2 is the most practical and usually acceptable to building control


Answered 24th Mar 2015

The electrician that did the work has to give you a certificate and notify any work carried out that is classed as notifiable under part p to the local council. I would call the electrician directly and ask them to provide you with the correct certification and to notify any work they have carried out. They are breaking the law if they won't give it to you.
Hope this helps


Answered 25th Mar 2015

Hi As Dan says, also if you can find out which trade organisation (NIC, ELECSA etc) the spark is registered with, phone them & explain your position. He designed & constructed the work so its his sighnature you want.He can,t hide behind the builder. An ECR will come with many conditions.


Answered 25th Mar 2015

A part P registered electrician has to certify his work upon completion, assuming you have paid him, there should be no problem in getting your certificate.


Answered 26th Mar 2015

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